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5 Reel vs 3 Reel Slots

At any land-based casino these days, the five reel slot play machine is increasingly gaining popularity. It also has bonus games and other exciting features that can make betting fun. With these, many are now playing the five reel games. This type of slot machine is very popular today in Australia and a lot of people find these machines very entertaining.

Payout Percentages
In playing slot games, many players think the more reels, the more difficult it is to hit the jackpot. This is true with the old type of slot machines that were used before by land-based casinos. Today, most casino slot machines have computer chips that generate random numbers for the combination so this statement is no longer true. In terms of payout, when a slot machine, whether 3-reel or 5-reel, is programmed to payout 95% it will pay out the exact amount to the wager all the time. To illustrate, your $100 will payout $95 all the time.

A 5-reel slot pay table is composed of several winning combinations as compared to 3-reel slot. The winning combinations composed of three symbols, five symbols and sometimes two symbols. This means that a player can hit additional smaller payouts frequently rather than a big payout every roll. With this, the 5-reel slot machines have a higher hit rate than the 3-reel. On the other hand, sometimes luck is still one factor in winning.

Usually in a five reel slot, the player can choose to play over one credit for every line. Therefore it is favorable to play on all the lines. This differs from one slot to another slot but is often between five to twenty pay lines. It is not recommended to play The maximum bet for these games is not recommended as it often makes the player bet bigger amounts of money even when betting in a $0.5 slot machine. It is useful to read the pay table prior to playing any a slot machine to ensure that you understood the betting and the payout schemes.

In playing a slot machine, the player personally selects what game to play. Make it a point to read the pay table and the game rules to understand how the game and payout should go. As for the 5-reel slot machine, it is a very exciting game most especially to new players, thus if you have never played with a slot machines before, you will surely find the 5-reel slot machine enjoyable. When you tried this game, you may never play the 3-reel slot again.

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